About Me

woman with long twists in hair, wearing pink dress and green heeled sandals, standing in front of a restaurant

Planning any kind of activity is probably my favorite thing to do. I love when the ideas start flowing in the midst of doing my research about a trip that I’m taking or a family activity that I’m planning. Even more than those things, I love the end results, when it all comes together and I finally get to see how everything comes together


I have planned and taken countless solo trips as well as planned group getaways, at home and abroad. I’m the one in the group that people send their money to and I tell them when and where to show up. 


For most, planning and organizing any kind of event, even if it’s a simple group dinner, can be exhausting. And that is where I come in. I do all the planning and organizing for those who hate it as well as those who might love it but just want to take a break.